Mission & Philosophy


ssnsc-road-signOur mission is to provide natural science experiences that educate, excite, and commit every generation to conserve the environment and to encourage responsible use, stewardship and enjoyment of our natural resources.

Our Philosophy

The Science Center specializes in providing hands-on, interactive learning experiences that encourage investigation of the natural world. Our programs explore timely natural science themes and enrich understanding of human interrelationships with the environment. They are designed to invite participation and active inquiry, and to develop environmental literacy.

SSNSC is committed to environmental education and dedicated to protecting natural resources and the quality of life on the South Shore.


The South Shore Natural Science Center was started in 1962 by a group of like minded individuals, led by Norwell’s Cap’n Bill Vinal (often referred to as the father of nature education), with the goal of providing nature programs to the youth of the south shore.

historical-photoThe group purchased a second-hand school bus, and aptly named it Flora, using it to conduct field trips and nature programs in the woods and ponds around the south shore. Flora was sold a few years later, as the group formed a non-profit organization and set about building the South Shore Natural Science Center into a museum and environmental education center.

Today’s Science Center offers a wide variety of nature programs for children and adults, a summer camp, nature preschool, and is home to the EcoZone exhibit hall, created with the assistance of noted wildlife biologist Jeff Corwin.