Family Testimonials

A high-quality Preschool program involves the family.  We welcome family, encourage suggestions and value your feedback! Below are just some of the great comments we have heard from our families and we are grateful for our Preschool community.

“We could never thank you enough for nurturing our boy these last 3 years. NCP has been a second home to him where he feels warm & loved & comfortable.” – NCP Parent

“Thank you very much for all of your efforts in making the Science Center a positive experience for my family.” – NCP Parent

“Thank you for a wonderful school year. All the things you do for the children and the programs are remarkable and so well thought out.” – NCP Parent

“Nature Center Preschool and his teachers have nurtured his curiosity and made him wonder about all sorts of new things… Thank you for all that you do.” – NCP Parent

“Your patient, flexible, caring help meant the world to us and we believe our son could not have been at a better school or with a better director and teaching team. Thank you for the best start possible for our son.”- NCP Parent

“You have created such an incredible environment of learning and discovery…Thank you for your incredible work and effort…”- NCP Parent

“I truly believe this is the best environment to foster imagination, confidence, and a love for nature. We are grateful for all you do.” – NCP Parent

“We are so grateful that NCP was her first experience with education…Thank you, with all our hearts; thank you!” – NCP Parent