South Shore Natural Science Center News

There’s a WHALE at the Y!!!

On Friday, April 24, 2015, the Science Center supported the efforts of two great teams working together for the first time, educators from Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary and the Emilson YMCA Aquatics Department. The fit was just perfect! The event featured two spaces: the gym and the pool. In the old gymnastics area, currently […]


Chipmunks are not true hibernators, meaning that if the temperatures rise highly enough in the winter, and the snow pack allows it, they will emerge and burn some energy in search of food. It’s important they find some, of course, so its a risky trade-off. But it seems we are never in short supply of […]

Drifter, 2015

So, in 2014, the Science Center’s Hull High School drifter launched four times, crashed thrice and once was nearly eaten by a white shark. And yet, it rose again for a fourth trip. But this time there’s a change in plans. Since our structure was so decimated after so many crashes, we – meaning our […]

Signs of Spring. Yes!

We knew, once the first toad had emerged, that spring had to be on the way to the Children’s Garden here at the South Shore Natural Science Center. The squirrels, of course, had been active all winter. so it was no surprise to see one running around the garden during the spring thaw. The fish, […]

Midwinter Bird Survey, January 2015

  We’ve just completed the second year of our Midwinter Bird Survey, a companion to our June Breeding Bird Circle Surveys. The winter counts take place at the same four points as the summer counts (on Sylvester Bridge, in the Old Field section of woods, in Woodchuck Field and on the small island in Jacobs […]

Tracking in the Snow

It was 10 degrees when we set out for the Midwinter Bird Survey on Saturday morning. Yes, 10. And that was before we factored in the wind chill. The wind was blowing in gusts up to 20 miles per hour. Needless to say, with those temps, at that early part of the day, we were […]

Close Call for the Drifter!

PHEW! Last time we checked in on the drifter, just two days ago, it was heading eastward in a wobbling gait. Our hope was that it would pass north of Provincetown and shoot outside of Cape Cod Bay, but instead, it headed right smack  for the fist of the flexed arm that is the Cape. […]

Snow Goose!

This morning we posted a pic of a Red-tailed Hawk. This afternoon – in almost the exact same location – we found this Snow Goose. Saying “this” Snow Goose is an unusual thing. They like to travel in groups, from a dozen to hundreds of thousands. But then, that might explain why this one is […]

Red-tails in Love

Just seconds before we snapped this picture, we took another one, but it came out blurry. A second Red-tailed Hawk, a male, was perched next to this larger female. But he spooked and flew off, leaving us with a view of this magnificent bird. This up-close view gives us an opportunity to look at a […]

Fourth Time’s a Charm

Well, our drifter is underway once again, and just in time for the New Year. To recap: First journey – washed up on Cape Cod during a nor’easter. Second journey – discovered in the middle of Cape Cod Bay being circled by a Great White. Third journey – washed up on White Horse Beach in […]