You Otter See This…

Posted: Dec. 05, 2014


Out it popped from the water with a snort, a fur-bearing mammal that finds its food underwater, and therefore has to hold its breath when diving. It surfaced three times, one after obviously capturing something to eat, as the exhalation of air was followed by some obvious chewing.

River otter!

The fact that it was in Jacobs Pond was a wonderful sign. Otters are environmental indicators. They will let us know whether or not things are good by their presence or absence. If an otter is in Jacobs Pond, it means that the food it needs is there as well. Its appearance is reflective as well of the growing presence of the species in Massachusetts. Our waters are becoming cleaner, and the otters are loving it.

After three times at the surface, it disappeared – did it swim behind the big island? under the bridge and behind the small island? Either way, we were glad for our brief encounter with this amazing creature!