Posted: Mar. 31, 2015


Chipmunks are not true hibernators, meaning that if the temperatures rise highly enough in the winter, and the snow pack allows it, they will emerge and burn some energy in search of food. It’s important they find some, of course, so its a risky trade-off. But it seems we are never in short supply of chipmunks – in our case here in Norwell, the Eastern Striped Chipmunk – in spring and summer.

This little guy just emerged today on March 31, 2015. Two of the Science Center’s educators were walking the trails (i.e. the snow covering the spots where they thought the trails should be) looking for signs of spring in anticipation of an upcoming program when he jumped onto a log and posed. We would say he “froze” for the picture, but I think we’ve all had enough of that!