What’s Up with Camp?

Posted: Jul. 09, 2014

Monday, July 7:

Chipmunks/Tadpoles (Ages 3-5) – Today was the first day of our new session and we are learning about ladybugs and other insects too! We are also taking part in the Lost Ladybug Project! We will become bug scientists and log when we see a ladybug and where. Then send the data to a nationwide organization to be logged! Very cool and very fun!

Raccoons/Hawks/Owls (K-2) – Today we dissected a log in the woods to see what sort of insects we could find. We found lots of different species including a few roly-poly bugs, some different kinds of beetles and even a centipede!

Coyotes- ¬†We learned the difference between bugs that are helpful and bugs that are harmful as well as looking at some Madagscar Hissing Cockroaches. FUN FACT: Madagscar Hissing Cockroaches are the cleaning service of Madagascar’s rainforest. They eat the leftover fruit and other crumbs that are left by animals.They also do not bite.

We have a Lost Ladybug report coming up, including photos of some of the species we’ve caught!