What DOES the fox say?

Posted: Nov. 08, 2013

Red foxOK, so we all know about the YouTube video by Ylvis by now, the silly but extremely catchy song that does ask a pertinent question. What does the fox say? We assure you that it doesn’t “ring-a-ding!” or “wa-pa-pa!” and we’re unsure as to whether or not it uses Morse Cod, but it does have quite a range of sounds. Haven’t seen it? Check it out.

What does the fox say? by Ylvis

And when we say “it,” we should clarify. Here in Massachusetts we have two, the Red Fox and the Gray Fox. Then there are Arctic Foxes, and Kit and Swift Foxes from the western plains. These last two have historically been lumped together as a single species (known as “conspecific”) but DNA tells us they are, in fact, different. And okay, if you’re from the Channel Islands off California, you can add in the Island Fox.

As far as Ylvis goes, the question is about the Red Fox. And they’re right – who ever hears them utter a sound? As crepuscular and nocturnal creatures by nature, they’re rarely seen by us by day, although our continued destruction of their habitat has driven them into urban centers in the past few decades. But spend the night in an old farm field under a full moon in winter, you may get the chance to witness one in action, hunting rodents. So what do the fox say? Yips, barks and screams are used to convey emotions and send messages to family members and intruders. Check out this soundboard and find the answer to what the fox says.

Fox Soundboard