Something new has been added…

Posted: Jul. 11, 2014

Things are right on track. First, migration. Then, nesting. Now, young birds.



This mom – or dad, as this species will switch off – is an Eastern Phoebe, nesting here on the grounds of the Science Center (we get one pair every year, at least). Aside from saying their own name – “Fee-bee! Fee-bee!” – they also have a distinctive batting of their tails when they perch. We are expecting youngsters any day now.


We’ve also noticed, among many other species, that we have a new Mourning Dove on the property. The bird on the right is the adult, the one on the left is the FY (“first year”) bird, following, begging, pleading for food. It will eat seeds for 99% of its diet, which is why it’s hanging out on the side of Woodchuck Field in this photo. If all goes well, it could live as long as thirty years.

So much more to come this summer! We can’t wait to see what else reveals itself as the season progresses.