Posted: Jul. 03, 2014


We focused on reptiles this week in camp, and figured it was a perfect time to bring in our friends from Rainforest Reptiles. Our gang got to meet, among other critters, a distant cousin of our common snapping turtle, the alligator snapping turtle. You won’t find them here – and if you could, you would definitely notice the adults, at 3 feet long and 250 pounds – but if you travel from Florida to East Texas, and up some of the major rivers in the south, you might come across them. In short, a real treat for our campers to be able to compare “our” snapper to “theirs.”


One camper had the amazing opportunity of being sniffed as potential food by an Argentine black and white tegu! Luckily, he did not use any fruit-scented shampoos before the program. Campers also got to see, hold and touch a boa constrictor and even a baby alligator. Considering the heat and humidity, the animals must have felt right at home!