Posted: Oct. 18, 2013

We see a lot of salamanders at the South Shore Natural Science Center. But we are always ready and willing to welcome a few more.

red-backed salamander being measured

Typically, we’re dealing in red-backed salamanders. This fall our Science Challenge kids are not only locating and capturing them, but measuring them as well. They’re not all this small.

spotted salamander

Occasionally, we’ll find a spotted salamander. Makes sense. We’re surrounded by vernal pools.

red-phase red-backed salamander

Once, so far, we’ve found a red phase red-backed salamander. Totally caught us by surprise.

four-toed salamander

But nothing surprised us like what we found last week – a four-toed salamander. Although no longer on the endangered list, they are nevertheless rare. They appear in fewer than half of the towns in Massachusetts, to date. What’s next? Who knows! But salamanders are like everything else. You have to┬áput in the work to find them. Team Salamander is ready to keep doing that!