Farewell, Hedwig

Posted: Dec. 11, 2013


The South Shore Natural Science Center is sad to report that Hedwig, our beloved barred owl, passed away during the night of December 10-11.

We don’t know for sure how old Hedwig was, as she was a rescued animal. She was presumably hit by a car – she was found injured on the side of a highway in 1999 – and brought to the Tufts Wildlife Center for care. Her right wing was damaged to the point that she could not fully extend it, and as such, she could not fly. Her right eye was also damaged in the collision, and eventually was removed.

Hedwig traveled extensively to schools, libraries, scout meetings and more in the region as an ambassador from the Science Center and saw habitats she never would have had she remained in the wild. While captive life is by no means a substitute for the natural life of any species in terms of richness, we hope that we provided her with a good existence while she was here. She was at the South Shore Natural Science Center for more than twelve years. She will be missed by staff and volunteers alike.