Drifter, 2015

Posted: Mar. 11, 2015

All wood drifter - sm

So, in 2014, the Science Center’s Hull High School drifter launched four times, crashed thrice and once was nearly eaten by a white shark. And yet, it rose again for a fourth trip. But this time there’s a change in plans. Since our structure was so decimated after so many crashes, we – meaning our transmitter – have been moved onto a new seagoing platform, an experimental, all-wood, more eco-friendly drifter.

Drifter 3-11-2015

Bobby Colbert, an offshore lobsterman out of Sandwich, deployed the drifter for us last week, and as you can see, it’s already had quite the tour of Cape Cod Bay and is hinting at an escape. As this story – the fifth deployment of our transmitter, if not the rest of our original¬†drifter – unfolds, we will keep you apprised. You can always check the link here yourself for visual updates:¬†