Baby Snaps

Posted: Sep. 29, 2013


Sometimes we need look no further than our parking lot for the latest breaking nature news. In this case, it was our director who spotted this tiny snapping turtle traipsing across the dirt, completely unaware of how close it had come to utter destruction under the tires of various automobiles.

Snappers are active during the warmer months. Up here in New England, they’re inactive altogether during the coldest months. The babies typically break free from the few eggs that make it past detection by predators between August and October; this guy was right on time in early September. If he or she survives to adulthood, he’ll be one of the nastiest creatures in New England by disposition, with a shell that could get as large as 19.7 inches in length (but will probably be closer to 14).

This little guy is not in our EcoZone exhibit (we let him go), but we do have one there. Come on in and meet him!