A Day in the Life of Camp

Posted: Jul. 01, 2014

Here’s a snapshot from yesterday, day one of week two, of camp:

Chipmunks (4 &5 year olds) – The chipmunks took a trip down to Jacobs Pond today to explore and see what kinds of interesting things they could find! They loved using the nets and bowls along the shoreline and even found a mussel shell unbroken and saw two double-crested cormorants eating lunch on one of the big rocks! When they returned to camp, we read a little story and played “Duck, Duck, Goose”!

Raccoons, Hawks, and Owls (K-2nd Grade) – Today the Raccoons, Hawks, and Owls learned different ways that animals communicate using color, sound, and body language! They learned birds had different songs for information, danger and just to say hi and that they are happy. The campers also learned some animals are very brightly colored to let other animals know they are poisonous and some even can puff themselves up to look more menacing. They also saw some live animals up close: a spotted salamander, a gray tree frog, toad, cricket, and a Madagascar hissing cockroach. FUN FACT: Skunks beat their feet against the ground before they spray to warn predators. (Note: not fun if you’re the one getting sprayed).

Otters and Coyotes (3rd-5th Grade) – Today the Otters and Coyotes had a visit with three different species of turtles: spotted, painted and box. Ask your camper which one they liked the best! FUN FACT: Turtles do not shed their shells. Their shells grow with them and are actually attached to their spine.

All Day Campers (1st-5th Grade) – Today they did an awesome activity about penguins and their behavior. Some campers were “scientists” and some were the penguins being studied. The scientists observed penguins and then wrote down their findings. The campers actually learned about real penguin behavior! Ask them what they learned about penguins 🙂