Specialty Camps

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These programs are designed for campers who are looking for a concentrated focus on a specific area, whether they are looking for in depth experiences in nature or to build upon a current STEM passion. Led by  SSNSC environmental educators, campers spend the week participating in team-building skills through hands-on explorations and STEM activities. The specialty camps take place on site, and often include an off-site fieldtrip and/or a special visitor.

  • Monday-Friday
  • 1  week sessions
  • All Day 8:30am-5:00pm

 2021 Specialty Camp Themes

(Entering Grades 5-8)

Week 4: Fascinating Forensics (July 12-16)
Do you have what it takes to discover “whodunnit”? Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and pull out your magnifying glass. We will explore the ins and outs of forensic science through investigation, observation, and examination. Using our creative thinking and analytical skills, we will work together to solve a series of mock crime scenes.

Week 5: Vet School Camp (July 19-23)
Join educators from SSNSC to learn basic animal care skills and explore the world of veterinary science. Campers will interact with the Science Center’s live animals to learn about anatomy, gain important observational skills using scientific tools, and work collaboratively to solve veterinary mysteries.

Week 6: Adventure Skills (July 26-30)

Could you survive in the wild? What skills do you need to spend a night in the outdoors without the conveniences of home? Join us as we learn how nature can provide everything we need, from fire building and orienteering, to water collection technique and shelter creation.  Ready yourself for your next adventure!

Week 8:  Mission to Mars (August 9-13)
We will explore the science and engineering required to land humans on the Martian surface millions of miles from Earth.  Inspect terrestrial habitats and learn about lunar environments. This unique program will teach campers about the past, present, and future of space exploration, and the amazing innovations behind this great adventure.

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