Raccoons and Owls

Entering Kindergarten and 1st Grade (Must be five by the start of Camp Week)

Entering Grades K-1


Campers entering Kindergarten and 1st grade learn about the world around them through up close animal encounters, exploring the fields, woods and pond and participating in age appropriate hands-on activities, crafts and games,  Through nature and science discoveries, Raccoons and Owls build upon their self-confidence and develop camp friendships.  These groups meet at picnic tables under a pavilion  or tent in Astro Field. This location is where most of our camp is housed and offers plenty of space to run around and a central location to head out from for the day’s explorations.

Raccoons ~ Entering Kindergarten (must be age 5 by the start of camp week)
Owls ~ Entering Grade 1

  • Monday-Friday
  • 1  week sessions
  • 9:00am-3:30pm (1/2 day option for 5 year olds, please see Chipmunks)

2019 Themes

Week 1: Nature Detectives(June 24 – June 28)

Hmm, it appears we have a mystery on our hands: animal tracks, scat, holes, bones, dens, tunnels, and feathers are scattered all over the Science Center grounds! Put on your detective hat, venture out on the trails, and study the clues left behind to identify the animals that are active at SSNSC!

Week 2: Muck & Slime Safari (*July 1-3)
*No Camp Thursday, July 4th & Friday, July 5th

Do you love ooey-gooey nature and science?  Explore the wonders of sticky mud, messy nature, and slimy experiments!  From the kitchen to the forest to the pond, we’ll have fun exploring and crafting chemistry concoctions!

Week 3: Digging for Dinosaurs (July 8-12)

We have discoveries to be made!  The world of dinosaurs will come to life through fossil hunts, mock digs, and engaging, hands-on activities.  We will explore the lives of dinosaurs and the evidence that scientists use to learn about these prehistoric creatures!

Week 4: Camo Camp (July 15-19)

Can you see me now?  Camouflage is useful and fun!  Be inspired by how plants and animals use the ability to blend into their surroundings for survival.  Discover the wide variety of camouflage adaptations and then design your own camouflage using natural materials.

Week 5:  Shark Week (July 22-26)
Explore the extraordinary world of sharks with hands-on activities and discovery.  Become a marine biologist to uncover the incredible adaptations that make sharks and their relatives unique and help them to survive in their ocean habitat.

Week 6: Animal Superpowers (July 29-August 2)

KA-POW!  Animals have amazing superpowers:  falcons fly at incredible speeds, fish breathe underwater,  squirrels “fly”, and owls can hunt even when it’s dark.  Learn about the special adaptations that give animals their superpowers to make them mighty and strong.

Week 7: It’s Not Easy Being Green (August 5-9)

Join us as we jump into the world of recycling and engineering.  We will explore ways of recycling, reusing, and reducing while using our imaginations to create and build some new and exciting inventions.  During this week, we will also be participating in “Thingamajig”, our own invention convention.  On Thursday, August 8Campers Grades 1 and up will participate in an all-day off-site Thingamajig while younger campers participate in an on-site “Mini -majig”

Week 8: Galactic Blast-off (August 12-16)

Blast off into space! Come explore the solar system with us as we discover the mysteries of space! What causes an eclipse? Why is Pluto no longer a planet? Why is a year on Mercury only 88 days? We will uncover the answers to these and other space curiosities that have mystified humans for years.

Week 9: Things with Wings (August 19-23)

Take flight and explore the many plants (Yes – Plants!) and animals with wings!  Investigate how wings work, make flying crafts, and discover how high and how far your winged creature can go.

Week 10:  Camp Sampler (August 26-29)

We are excited to provide an additional end-of-summer camp option that offers flexibility for families.  Each day focuses on a different theme and will include hands-on fun and engaging activities.  Pick the days that work for you.

Monday – Rock, Rumble & Roll
Tuesday – A Bug’s Life
Wednesday – Extreme Marine
Thursday – Creatures of the Night

Week 10 Camp Sampler is only available to camper that have previously participated in 2019 Nature Adventures Camp.  Registration is only available in-house by contacting Kim Crespi, kcrespi@ssymca.org (sorry, on-line registration is not available.)

Sample Day for  Raccoons and Owls: An All Day Food Web

9:00-9:15 Arrival choice of a craft or games in the field

9:20-9:40 All camp morning circle with announcements and songs

9:45-10:30 Visit the garden to water and pick ingredients for a special snack

10:30-10:50 Snack time

10:50-11:50 Play a game of Predator and Prey throughout the camp

11:50-12:00 Rehydrate and wash up for Lunch

12:00-1:00 Eat lunch and choose activities with rest of Lunch Bunch campers

1:00-2:00 Head to the Greenhouse to check out the carnivorous plants and their prey

2:00-2:45 Live animal presentation with a Science Center Naturalist

2:45-3:30 Venus fly trap craft










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