Birds of Prey Exhibit

owl-01Our Great Horned Owl and Red-tailed Hawk are non-releasable raptors, native to our region, who are used in our educational programs to focus on the conservation and protection of local animal species. Our programs frequently explore owls as nocturnal animals and raptors, study their adaptations, and students dissect their pellets!

Through the years, these programs and demonstrations have been exceptionally popular with elementary and middle school students as well as Senior Citizens.

We would also like to add 2 new aviaries to house an additional owl and a hawk.

To help care for the raptors please consider a sponsorship (Sponsor-a-Critter).  Any donation of $60 or more will be considered a “Sponsorship” and entitles you to a Certificate, information sheet, photo of the raptor, free passes to the EcoZone Museum, and a personal visit with the raptor.

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