Rates and Scheduling

Day Programs

SSNSC’s hands-on, fun, and informative day programs are excellent field trips for scout groups to explore science and nature with a Naturalist and earn a badge or take a step along a journey.

The cost of a day program is based on the number of scouts in attendance. There is a minimum charge for 10 if fewer than 10 scouts attend the program.

  • 1 hour day program: $10.00 per child /minimum $100.00
  • 1.5 hour program: $12.00 per child /minimum $120.00
  • 2.0 hour program: $14.00 per child /minimum $140.00

A minimum deposit per day program is required. Payment for all programs is due on first visit.

Day Program Discount

Scout groups are eligible to receive discounts by selecting a series of badge programs for a single group of children. Leaders may schedule two programs on the same or different days. Scout programs can be completed throughout the year, however the dates must be scheduled at the same time. The discounted program fee is one dollar off per scout per program.
1 hour program discount – $16.00 per child for both programs; the minimum charge is $160.00.
1.5 hour program discount – $20.00 per child for both programs; the minimum charge is $200.00.
2 hour program discount – $24.00 per child for both programs; the minimum charge is $240.00.

Outreach Programs

The SSNSC offers outreach programs in the South Shore area. Naturalists can give a wildlife presentation at your meeting or ceremony, or lead an exploration of a habitat in your area. Wildlife presentations are a combination of live animal(s) and mounted specimens, as well as other theme-related natural items such as feathers, bones, shells, and furs when appropriate.

Cost: $200 for one 45-minute program.

Wildlife Presentation Themes

Owls and Pellets
Learn about the owls that are active after the sun goes down in New England. Then, dissect an owl pellet to see what they’ve been finding for dinner in the darkness.

Furry, Warm, and Soft
What makes a mammal a mammal? Explore these creatures’ characteristics and learn what is fact or fiction about our local furry neighbors!

Reptiles and Amphibians
Discover the differences and similarities between these two groups and how these cold-blooded (ectothermic) creatures are adapted to live in different habitats.

*Please note that animal availability is not guaranteed due to the possibility of illness or other conditions restricting public viewing.

For more information or to schedule a program, please email Chris Jacobs, Executive Director.

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