Program Themes

 Clover’s Story: Using Resources Wisely

We will read Clover’s story, discuss how she used resources wisely and then make a collage using old magazines or postcards of flowers, trees and animals. We will then visit our Children’s Garden and discuss with our gardener how the Science Center uses resources wisely to grow plants, what they are used for, and what is done with the leftover vegetables.

Rosie’s Story: Making the World a Better Place

We will read Rosie’s story, discuss how she wants to make the world a better place, act out the story as a group and then go on a walk on our nature trails. There, we will pick up any trash we find and think about ways to make the Science Center grounds even more beautiful.

It’s Your World: Flower Garden

As we explore our Children’s Garden, we will focus on several different activities. Depending on the season we will plant seeds or in other ways tend to our plants. We will learn about vermicomposting (our worm bins) and search for ladybugs and other critters that live in the garden.

It’s Your Story: Three Cheers for Animals

Led by one of our naturalist or volunteer animal experts we will discuss the care and safety of our animals here at the Science Center. We will examine different types of birds’ nests and take a nature walk to take in the sounds on the trail, focusing on animal communication.

It’s Your Planet: Between Earth and Sky

During our nature walk on the trails of the Science Center we will focus on the concept of Leave No Trace, discuss littering and care for the environment, and the colors and textures of nature. We will examine the soils, the rocks and the various parts of the many plants we will find.

*Maple Sugaring (only offered late winter/early spring)

If it’s early spring, hopefully the sap is flowing! We will take a hike to a sugar maple tree on the trails of the Science Center, tap a tree and watch the sap start to flow. We will explore the process of maple sugaring and even enjoy some sweet rewards at the end of the trail!

For more information or to schedule a program, please contact us at 781-659-2559 or Email Us.

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