Program Themes

It’s Your Planet: Hiker

Are we ready? We will plan out our hike by deciding on a destination, using a map of the Science Center’s trails. We will pick out the right gear, pack a snack and test out our hiking skills on a trek into the woods.

It’s Your Planet: Wonders of Water

Where do rainbows come from? Through experiments and games we will explore the water cycle, discuss water conservation and the various types of water habitats. We will hike to a vernal pool or Jacobs Pond and find out what creatures live there and why.

It’s Your World: Home Scientist

We will find out that science is really not that hard to understand, nor very far away from our daily lives. We will practice some kitchen chemistry, explore the concept of density, make static electricity, and conduct an experiment in which we make something bubble up.

Legacy Badge: Bugs

As we walk the trails at the Science Center, we will see bugs in action, and even meet some large ones up close. We will explore bug homes, try a bug craft and draw a bug poster, mementos of our day together exploring the world of bugs!

*Maple Sugaring (only offered late winter/early spring)

If it’s early spring, hopefully the sap is flowing! We will take a hike to a sugar maple tree on the trails of the Science Center, tap a tree and watch the sap start to flow. We will explore the process of maple sugaring and even enjoy some sweet rewards at the end of the trail!

For more information or to schedule a program, please contact us at 781-659-2559 or Email Us.

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