Program Themes

Core: Call of the Wild (Overnight)

Campout! We will camp out on the grounds of the Science Center, preparing by watching the weather, remembering the Outdoor Code and the Leave No Trace Principles for Kids. We will build a campfire, focusing on safety, and show that we are ready to be Wolf Scouts by discussing emergency situations in the outdoors. We will practice tying knots and venture out onto the trail to identify four animals that we find.

Core: Paws on the Path

Before setting out on our hike, we will discuss the buddy system, what happens if we get separated from the rest of the group and the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace Principle for Kids. We will take a one-mile hike on the grounds of the Science Center, recording two bugs, two birds and two other animals we find. We will discuss two things that we see on the trails that we never knew about, and we will draw a map of the Science Center grounds, seeing how close we come to the real one!

Elective: Air of the Wolf

We will discover our inner atmospheric scientists by conducting investigations about the weight and temperature of the air around us. We will then design our own paper airplanes, test them, and redesign them in an attempt to make them fly farther and farther. We will investigate how speed affects sound, listening for sounds made by moving air. We will design a musical instrument played with air, and make kites using household materials.

Elective: Digging in the Past

We will examine the lives of paleontologists by pretending to be them! We will play a dinosaur identification game, and then create our own imaginary dinosaurs, figuring out where they live and what they eat. We will cast fossils and participate in a dinosaur dig, working very carefully to uncover fossils, just like a paleontologist would. We will also make edible fossil layers, showing why this makes a good model of how fossils are formed.

Elective: Finding Your Way

Using a map and compass, we will explore how we navigate our world. We will draw maps for our fellow Wolf Scouts of where we live, highlighting the locations we know around us. We will look on a map for a compass rose, determine the four cardinal points and then use the compass to go on a scavenger hunt on the grounds of the Science Center. When we are ready, we will use our compass and a map of the Science Center trails to go on a hike to find the famous Eye of the Needle Tree!

Elective: Grow Something

On our visit to the Science Center Children’s Garden or greenhouse, we will locate the growing zone in which we live, and discuss what plants grow well here, focusing on two in particular. We will build our own terrariums, plant seeds and begin a thirty-day adventure in monitoring their growth into plants.

Elective: Motor Away

We will put our best engineering minds to work as we conquer the air, the water and the ground. We will build three different paper airplanes, predicting which one we believe will fly the farthest and why. We will then use a paper airplane catapult and make the same prediction. After we are done with that, we will move onto boats and cars, constructing one that moves under its own power.

*Maple Sugaring (only offered late winter/early spring).

If it’s early spring, hopefully the sap is flowing! We will take a hike to a sugar maple tree on the trails of the Science Center, tap a tree and watch the sap start to flow. We will explore the process of maple sugaring and even enjoy some sweet rewards at the end of the trail!

For more information or to schedule a program, please contact us at 781-659-2559 or Email Us.

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