Program Themes

Core: Webelos Walkabout

Our naturalist will meet you for your Walkabout at any number of state parks or other open spaces near your Den! We will discuss the contents of the first aid kit and consider the dangerous plants and animals we might encounter on the trail. We will check that we have proper food for our hike, we have a proper plan, and we have reviewed the Outdoor Code and the Leave No Trace Principles for Kids, and will then head out! Along the way, we will clear the trail for others, carrying a trash bag as we go.

Elective: Adventures in Science

Bring us your three questions about working at the Science Center! Visiting our greenhouse or garden, we will design an experiment about the effects of fertilizers on plants, and then plant our own plants to take home to carry out the experiment (including changing an independent variable). We will dip into astronomy, building a model solar system to understand the distances between the planets, and chemistry, safely mixing household materials and checking the results.

Elective: Earth Rocks

Join one of our rockhounds for a geology adventure! We will discuss geology and its importance, and then head out on a rock hunt. Using magnifiers, we will identify the rocks we find and use a mineral test kit to compare the hardness of our finds. We will then think about rocks on a grander scale, looking at a map of Massachusetts and considering some of the most interesting geological formations we can explore. We will then look at the buildings on our own grounds and consider how rocks were used in their construction.

Elective: Into the Wild

Visiting with our naturalists at the Science Center, scouts can learn about the flyways of various avian species and then head out onto the trails of Jacobs Pond to observe four wild species of animals. Together, we will discuss local animals, the food chain, and how we humans have altered the habitats, and therefore the lives, of those animals. We will observe the pond and compare it to a vernal pool, discussing the sensitivity of wetlands.

Elective: Into the Woods

We love trees! We will discuss the differences between two different types of trees, and identify and discuss six local species. We will then focus on six species of plants and the animals that use them in different ways. In our greenhouse or garden, we will plant a tree or other plant, and discuss what its purpose will be. We’ll think about things made out of wood in our own homes, and concentrate on the what the visual aspects of a tree can tell us, like the bark, and the interior rings.

*Maple Sugaring (only offered late winter/early spring).

If it’s early spring, hopefully the sap is flowing! We will take a hike to a sugar maple tree on the trails of the Science Center, tap a tree and watch the sap start to flow. We will explore the process of maple sugaring and even enjoy some sweet rewards at the end of the trail!

For more information or to schedule a program, please contact us at 781-659-2559 or Email Us.

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