After School Enrichment

These programs offer in-depth active exploration of high interest topics. Each After School Enrichment program runs for six weeks with a maximum enrollment of ten children per class. Additional topics are always being added.

Inventions from Nature

Nature did it first! Super Glue, Velcro, zippers, airplane wings, camouflage – lots of human products and technology were inspired by the natural world. Explore various man-made items, discover their natural source then invent something useful that mimics a plant of animal.

Amazing Animals

Meet some amazing animals and learn how they survive in their own habitats. Join us as we explore reptile relatives, amphibian abilities, mighty mammals and more.

Habitats Around the World

Begin with our local habitats and then “journey” around the world to discover other exciting and diverse ecosystems. Have fun with activities from a rainforest, dessert, tundra, and more – a different adventure each week. Find out what makes each place so special and why it might be interesting to live there!


Travel through time and learn about these fantastic creatures and clues scientists use to study prehistoric life.  Be amazed by recent findings about bigger then ever dinosaur.

Space Adventures

Look up and discover the wonders of astronomy!  In this fun-filled space odyssey, we will investigate the science and stories surrounding our universe’s heavenly bodies.  Discover how the sun, moon, stars, and planets have influenced life on Earth and how they have led to determining our calendar.

Kitchen Chemistry

Have fun discovering what chemistry is all about.  Find out what you can do with baking soda, salt, detergent, and other familiar things you have in your kitchen cupboard.

Young Scientist

What is a scientist?  Each week, become a different type of scientist – zoologist, botanist, chemist or meteorologist.  We’ll have fun testing the scientific method.