Party Themes

Parties hosted in our Birthday Party Room are 1.5 hours long. For the first 45 minutes, our staff provides the hands-on fun and adventure by leading a program on the theme of your choosing. After the program portion you have the use of the birthday party room to host the rest of the festivities. You provide your own food and paper products, and we provide the fun! As the party room is shared with other groups, please bring peanut-free party snacks to celebrate. Recyclable party supplies and mylar balloons are preferred for their reduced impact on the environment.

Please dress appropriately for the weather, if your party features an outdoor hike or activity. Party themes are held year-round, and are adaptable to the indoors in the case of severe weather.

Digging for Dinosaurs
Go back in time and explore the world of giant creatures. How were they like animals we see today? We’ll challenge partygoers’ knowledge of their favorite dinosaurs and then head outdoors for an archaeological dig in search of fossils that prove their existence!

Birds of Prey
Whooo is wishing you a happy birthday? Using mounts, wings and feathers, we will discuss the differences among various types of birds of prey, then will visit our Great Horned Owl and Red-tailed Hawk as we set out on the trails to find clues that raptors have been around.*

*Owl pellet dissection is available upon request. There is a $3 per guest additional fee. The birthday child’s is free!

Reptiles & Amphibians
Crawl, slither or hop over to meet our scaly reptiles and slimy amphibians. We’ll discuss the differences between them, then head out onto the trails to find them! As part of the fun, party-goers will meet live frogs, toads, turtles and snakes up close.

Woodland Explorers
Break out the binoculars, and slip on the hiking boots! We’re heading into the woodlands to see what the seasons offer us to explore. We’ll look and listen for animals and plants that make their homes in the forest and turn over a log or two along the way to discover who might live there.

The Magic of Science
Is it magic or is it science? Test your powers of perception and try out some fun, safe science experiments you can replicate in your own home. Learn how to ask questions like a scientist and design like an engineer.  Be prepared, things could get messy!

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