What is the pricing for a birthday party?

$200 for up to 15 children. (This includes all siblings over 2)
$13 for each additional child up to 20 children.
For a party with more than 20 children, contact Hannah Woodbury at 781-659-2559 to schedule a Vine Hall rental.

$225 for up to 15 children. (This includes all siblings over 2)
$15 for each additional child up to 20 children.
For a party with more than 20 children, contact Hannah Woodbury at 781-659-2559 to schedule a Vine Hall rental.

How many children may I bring to a birthday party?

Our parties are designed for up to 20 due to the size of the Birthday Party Room.

How many adults can attend?

We require that at least two adults accompany the Educator during the program. They are expected to participate in the activities and provide additional supervision.

Who do I call to schedule a party?

To book a party or for more information email or call Kim Crespi at 781-659-2559 x206.

How far in advance do I need to schedule a party?

Parties must be scheduled at least three weeks in advance. Parties are available and scheduled year round, schedule early for your choice time slot.

How do I choose a theme?

Visit our Party Themes page for a list of themes to select from.

Can my child request a particular animal as part of the party?

We will be happy to discuss special requests or ideas to make your child’s party a natural hit.  Please note that we cannot promise to feature any particular animal.  The program animals featured on the day of the party will depend on each individual’s health and frequency of recent program participation.

What is an owl pellet?

When an owl eats, it swallows all of the food. Later, the owl coughs up a pellet which contains the parts that cannot be digested, such as bones and fur. By dissecting sanitized owl pellets, children can see first-hand what the owl ate and piece together the bones of that animal.

*Owl pellet dissection is available upon request. There is a $3 per guest additional fee. The birthday child’s is free!

Can I bring party decorations?

Yes! But please help support our mission and keep decorations environmentally friendly: please avoid styrofoam and balloons. If you must use balloons, choose Mylar instead of latex. Please also consider reusable plates and cups in place of juice boxes. Feel free to contact us for more ideas. Recycling bins are provided in the birthday room.

I would like to bring a table cloth, how big is the table?

Our oval-shaped party table dimensions are 82 inches x 60 inches.

Do you have goody bags?

Goody Cups are available for an additional fee of $5 per cup.  Cups in may include: a reusable plastic cup with a straw and a lid, a pass to return to the Science Center, and small toys.

Where can I find a great birthday gift or additional items for goody bags?

The Science Center’s nature store has toys, t-shirts, cards, and other gift options for all ages. The “Sponsor-a-Critter” program or sponsoring an exhibit in the EcoZone are other great ways to celebrate a special day. Please contact Kim Crespi, for more information.

Where are the nearest pizza places, and do they deliver to the Science Center?

The following pizza restaurants are near the Science Center and offer delivery:

Blue Moon Pizzeria, 707 Main St, Norwell, 781.659.2999
Norwell Pizzeria and Seafood, 432 Washington Street, Norwell, 781-659-1631
Papa Gino’s, 1422 Washington Street, Hanover, 781-826-2371

The following pizza restaurants do not deliver, but are within short driving distances of the Science Center:

Mama Mia’s, 333 Columbia Road, Hanover, 781-826-1600

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