Ages 4 & 5

Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 12:00pm

The youngest campers discover the wonders of the natural world through age appropriate hands-on activities, including nature walks, stories, crafts, music, and meeting live animals. These young campers use their senses to participate in activities which encourage sharing, learning together, and being a friend to nature.  (Must be toilet trained)

 2016 Themes

Week 1: Dinosaur Adventures (June 27 – July 1)

Do you love dinosaurs? Using engaging, hands –on activities we will explore the lives of dinosaurs and see if we can figure out what they liked to eat, what they looked like, and the clues they left behind.

Week 2: Amazing Insects (*July 5 – 8)

Calling all bug sleuths! You are needed to help discover the secret lives of the insects. We will go on a bug hunt and use nets to catch insects to take a closer look at these amazing critters! *No Camp July 4th


Week 3: Whale and Shark FEST (July 11-15)

Come explore how whales and sharks eat, discover how big they are, and learn about other creatures in the ocean that share their home..


Week 4 – July 18-22: Muck and Slime

Do you love ooey-gooey nature and science? Explore the wonders of sticky mud, messy nature and experiment making your own slimy goo. Be prepared to play in the mud kitchen.


Week 5 : July 25-29: Buckets and Boots

Put on your boots, grab your buckets and join us as we explore the critters and plants of the wetlands at the Science Center and Jacobs Ponds.


Week 6 – August 1-5: Summer Sprouts

Where do eggs come from? How does a carrot grow? Be a farmer, meet the chickens and dig, plant, and taste treats from the garden.


Week 7 – August 8 – 12: Out of this World

Is the sun your favorite star? Why do we have day and night? Blast into space to explore the sun, the moon, and the planets of our solar system.


Week 8 – August 15-19: Bats, Owls and Fireflies

After the sun has set, unique critters emerge into the darkness of night. Through hands on activities and stories we will learn how these animals have adapted to hunt, communicate and thrive in the dark.


Week 9 – August 22 – 26: Big Wide Ocean

Discover the ocean’s wonders from tide pools to treasure chests and learn what animals call these places home.

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