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South Shore YMCA Joins the Thingamajig (C) Movement!

Summer camp across the South Shore YMCA will look a little bit different this year, and the reason for the change is making waves nationwide. YMCA of the USA recently chose ten associations across the country to participate in the Thingamajig¬© challenge, including the South Shore Y. The news was celebrated in an April 13, […]

The Final Week of Camp

Despite the fact that summer is officially over – at least in the minds of the camp staff at the Science Center, for summer is just not the same when you’re not surrounded with dozens of young people looking to you for outdoors education – discoveries are still being made. We found salamanders, young ones, […]

Rockets Away!

The South Shore Natural Science Center’s Nature Adventures Summer Day Camp this week welcomed back Wicked Cool for Kids for another session of fun and learning. While last week dealt with Minecraft and the basics of structural engineering, this week looked skyward to rocketry, trajectories, propulsion, etc. Of course, it was the launches that made […]

Earth and Sky Week – StarLab

Had some random person poked his head into Vine Hall on Tuesday, the question would quickly have arisen: have we been invaded by dome-building aliens from outer space? In truth, outer space had something to do with it. During our Earth and Sky weeks – in which we are focusing on Geology and Astronomy with […]

Campers launch SeaPerch ROVs!

It was the culminating moment. We built the frames, we hooked up the wiring, we soldered, we drilled, we glued, and now it was time to launch. Our Coyotes, grades 3 to 5, took their SeaPerch ROVs (remotely-operated vehicles) to Jacobs Pond. The batteries had been charged, the connections tested,all that was left was the […]

Shipwreck Week!

During Shipwreck Week at the Nature Adventures Summer Day Camp, our campers have learned about the Titanic, what materials decompose over time in saltwater, what marine animals inhabit shipwrecks as habitat, etc. All of our kids were visited by diver Tom Mulloy, or, as they now know him, “Shipwreck Tom,” who brought a collection of […]

Lost Ladybugs Found!

Throughout camp this week, we have been studying ladybug beetles and other insects. Following the protocols of the Lost Ladybug project, we have been sweep-netting the grasses in Woodchuck Field and at a second site in Pembroke, and have had wonderful results, with many different species. One standout for us was found on our first […]

What’s Up with Camp?

Monday, July 7: Chipmunks/Tadpoles (Ages 3-5) – Today was the first day of our new session and we are learning about ladybugs and other insects too! We are also taking part in the Lost Ladybug Project! We will become bug scientists and log when we see a ladybug and where. Then send the data to […]

A Great Day at the Pond

  Every camper at the Science Center explores Jacobs Pond at some point during the summer. Some plunge right in, others dabble at the edges.   Still others ride right on top of it. We’re blessed to have this natural resource at our fingertips,and do our best to interpret everything about it, from its history […]


We focused on reptiles this week in camp, and figured it was a perfect time to bring in our friends from Rainforest Reptiles. Our gang got to meet, among other critters, a distant cousin of our common snapping turtle, the alligator snapping turtle. You won’t find them here – and if you could, you would […]