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Captain Planet Grant Awarded to the Science Center!

The Captain Planet Foundation, an organization dedicated to funding educational programs that give students hands-on, project-driven learning experiences with real environmental outcomes, recently awarded the South Shore Natural Science Center an ECO-Tech Grant in the amount of $2500. The Science Center will use these funds towards its Student-designed Timed Irrigation System project. “We are so […]

Send Us Your Chicken Scratchings

Its the most amazing thing…our chickens have started receiving mail. We walked outside one day and they had a mailbox nailed to the side of their coop. We’re not sure who has the hammering talent – whether it’s Nugget or Mama or Periwinkle – but here we are. Apparently, if you want to send them […]

Signs of Spring. Yes!

We knew, once the first toad had emerged, that spring had to be on the way to the Children’s Garden here at the South Shore Natural Science Center. The squirrels, of course, had been active all winter. so it was no surprise to see one running around the garden during the spring thaw. The fish, […]

Hatching Day!!!

It started with a ‘pip’ in egg 3 (when the chick breaks the first hole in the egg), and late afternoon we left the incubator with 1 pipped egg and two others that were beginning to break through, but hadn’t yet pipped. The next morning, 4 babies had arrived overnight! Please welcome the first 4 chicks […]

Peeps in the Garden this Spring!

As spring finally arrives, with the return of the buzzing bees, comes an exciting new project for the José Carriero Children’s Garden- we will be hatching chicks! A hatching in March will be followed by a second hatch beginning in late April, and each group of chicks will be cared for at the Science Center […]