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Close Call for the Drifter!

PHEW! Last time we checked in on the drifter, just two days ago, it was heading eastward in a wobbling gait. Our hope was that it would pass north of Provincetown and shoot outside of Cape Cod Bay, but instead, it headed right smack  for the fist of the flexed arm that is the Cape. […]

Fourth Time’s a Charm

Well, our drifter is underway once again, and just in time for the New Year. To recap: First journey – washed up on Cape Cod during a nor’easter. Second journey – discovered in the middle of Cape Cod Bay being circled by a Great White. Third journey – washed up on White Horse Beach in […]

Drifter Away! And then not…

A few weeks ago, we shared with you the news that John and Jo had worked with students at Hull High School to build a homemade drifter to be deployed off our coast to collect data on currents and tides. After all the kinks were worked out, the drifter went to sea. John and Jo […]

More April Enrichment in Hull

Here’s what we sent home with the kids this week: “GREAT NEWS! We’re starting a composting program in our school! Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Hull PTO, Holly Hill Farm, and the South Shore Natural Science Center, our generation will be leaving a legacy in the Jacobs School. We will have […]

Driftin’ Away to Sea

This morning (April 8, 2014) John and Jo had a wonderful opportunity to work with some students in Hull on the Science Center’s first deployable global ocean drifter. With just a piece or two to tie up, it’s almost ready to go in the water. Drifters are used for several purposes: to track currents, tides, the […]

April Enrichment in the Hull Schools

In Science Enrichment this month, we will be wishfully thinking about Spring! May flowers are not the only thing April showers bring!  With our wintery snowmelt and increased rainfall, there is no better time to discuss  mother nature’s  woodland nursery—the vernal pool. Kids will meet a few part-time residents of these life-filled pools and learn […]

February and March Enrichment in the Hull Schools

This month’s science enrichment program should really hit home! Thanks to the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, we are able to dive into the life of an underwater archeologist.  We have been learning facts about Stellwagen Bank, the latest sonar mapping technologies used there, and even exploring a mock shipwreck! Who knew such a rich maritime […]

January Enrichment in Hull

Last  month, in the SSNSC’s enrichment class,  we discussed  the coldest parts of our planet – the Arctic and the Antarctic. Who knew the coldest recorded temperature  in Antarctica was –128°F, while the Artic averages a balmy 0°F?! Through hands-on explorations and activities, the kids learned about native animals and their amazing ability to survive […]

It’s Always Sunny on Sunflower Hill

Two naturalists from the Science Center spent their morning walking around in the freezing cold, but with the best of reasons. Joining students and teachers from the INLY School in Scituate, they walked up and over Sunflower Hill (known on your topo maps as Walnut Tree Hill) and discussed the visible history in the landscape, […]

Hull Schools Enrichment for December

Did you know that every winter, hundreds of sea turtles wash up on Cape Cod after being stunned by the cold? This month in the Hull schools, we learned about the five species of sea turtles found in U.S. waters…all of whom are in danger of extinction! We also learned about nesting, migration, life cycles, human […]