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It’s Sea Turtle Discovery Week!

Sea turtles are beautiful, mysterious, and endangered. They spend their entire lives in the ocean, except when it is time to lay their eggs. At those critical times, females drag themselves from the water on summer evenings to each leave over a hundred eggs in the sands on the same beaches from which they hatched years ago. The […]

Baby Cooter Season!

  The 24 adorable garter snake babies are no longer the only tiny new additions to the South Shore Natural Science Center critter family. Let’s welcome our five new Northern Red-Bellied Cooters! These cute little turtles are actually state and federally recognized as an Endangered Species, and have been since 1980. Luckily, these little guys […]

Bundles of Slithery Joy

So you want to know what’s new in the naturalists’ corner of the South Shore Natural Science Center? We are proud to announce the birth of 24 healthy little bundles of joy! Congratulations mama Garter! We plan to release the little guys within the next week or so. For more information and fun facts about […]

Cathedral Windows

Whether it’s a bird, an insect or a plant, we’re quick to name the wild elements of our planet after the manmade things they remind us of, or even ourselves. Could you automatically pick out an Eastern Kingbird by its name? Hardly descriptive, is it? That is, until you watch it in action for a […]