Three Weeks ‘Til Camp!

Posted: Jun. 02, 2014


And that’s a BIG exclamation point. Camp, as you may know, is not just thrown together at the last second, after the last tadpole is extracted from Jacobs Pond by a visiting third grade class during field trip season. We work at it throughout the year – what themes should we go with? What’s new, cutting edge? What will give our campers a leg up when they head back to school in the fall when it comes to the sciences? What was it that the moms and dads pointed out that could be improvements over ┬álast year?

But it’s June when it comes together, when the counselors get that rush of excitement of meeting “their” kids for the first time, when the campers arrive with backpacks mainly filled with snacks, changes of clothes and sunscreen, but with at least one side pocket reserved for anxiety.

And after twenty minutes, it’s as if they’ve been here their whole lives.

We can’t wait for that moment.