More Signs of Spring

Posted: May. 14, 2014



Some species make it easy to think spring. They have it in their names, like the Spring Azure. Sorry if this pic is somewhat granulated. This tiny butterfly has a full wingspan of about an inch. We tried!



Others just come with the season. We forget about snakes in the winter, because they go into hiding. But every good Garter Snake knows when to make that first appearance. The warmth of the sun makes life so much easier when you’re a reptile.



Other snakes, like the Northern Watersnake, put themselves in conspicuous positions while mating – exactly what is happening right here. We can point to about 60 3rd graders from Marshfield who recently got to “meet” these two up close…



Those same kids also got to witness the coming generation of American toads at Jacobs Pond, still in tadpole form. Did somebody say spring? Oh, I think so…