Plan Your Visit

There are so many ways to enjoy your visit to the South Shore Natural Science Center! Some of the best adventures in life are unguided.

Take a Walk. Be sure when you get here to pick up a map and explore our trails, knowing that the next time you come back, in another season, they’ll be entirely different. Take in the sights, and revel in the ever-changing birdsong throughout the year.

Visit the EcoZone. Meet the many animals of our region that mostly stay hidden from view, the snakes, the frogs, salamanders, turtles and toads. Watch how they live, what they eat, and learn where they may be hiding in their true habitats. Pop into the greenhouse to gaze upon plants from near and far, from “dinosaur” plants to carnivorous bug-eaters.

See the Children’s Garden. And while you’re there, peek in on our chickens! They’re now supplying eggs for sale.