Tadpoles and Chipmunks

Ages 3-5

The youngest campers discover the wonders of the natural world through age appropriate hands-on activities, including nature walks, stories, crafts, music, and meeting live animals. These young campers use their senses to participate in activities which encourage sharing, learning together, and being a friend to nature.  These groups meet behind the Science Center next to the owl enclosure at picnic tables. On rainy days, they are based in one of the preschool rooms but will go outside for rainy walks! Both of these locations offer easy access to the preschool bathroom and the Camp Director’s office.


Tadpoles ~ Age 3 (must be toilet trained)

  • 2 options:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday
  • 1 week sessions
  • 9:00am-12:00pm

Chipmunks ~ Age 4 and 5 (must be toilet trained)

  • Monday through Friday
  • 1 week sessions
  • 9:00am-12:00pm


2017 Themes

Week 1: Ocean Commotion (June 26 – June 30)

Discover the ocean’s wonders from tide pools to shipwrecks and Tiger Sharks to tubeworms. How does a Rock Crab survive the daily dangers of an ever-changing tide pool- join us at camp to discover the answer!

Week 2: FARMtastic (*July 5 – 7)
*No Camp July 3rd or 4th

Tend to the chickens, spend time in the Children’s Garden and visit local farms to explore where our food comes from and how we can grow our own.

Week 3: Dinosaur Adventures (July 10-14)

Do you love dinosaurs? Using engaging, hands-on activities we will explore the lives of dinosaurs and the evidence scientists use to learn about these creatures from millions of years ago.

Week 4: Wild and Wacky Science (July 17-21)

Do you love ooey-gooey nature and science?  Explore the wonders of sticky mud, scat, messy nature and experiment by making your own slimy, gooey creations.

Week 5 :  Bugs, Beetles & Butterflies (July 24-28)

Grab your net and bug viewer as we hunt for and compare insects and their relatives in the fields, forests, and gardens of the Science Center.  Participate in the Lost Ladybug Citizen Science Project and learn about the life cycles of these fascinating creatures.

Week 6: Habitat Hideaways (July 31- August 4)

From forests to fields and wetlands to woodlands, join us in an exploration to discover the fascinating critters and plants that inhabit the world around us and learn the incredible engineering that goes into the places they call “home”.

Week 7: Nature’s Engineers (August 7 – 11)

Join us as we explore and learn from the natural world, examine inventions inspired by nature and participate in our own design challenge.  As Albert Einstein said, “Look into nature, then you will understand everything better”.
Campers Grades K and up will participate in an all-day Thingamajig Invention Convention.

Week 8: Creatures of the Night (August 14-18)
Some of our favorite backyard animal friends, such as bats, owls, and fireflies emerge only under the cloak of darkness. Through exploration and hands-on activities, we will discover the amazing ways these creatures have adapted to hunt, communicate and thrive in the dark.

Week 9: Space Exploration (August 21-25)

Blast off into space to discover the wonders of our universe and our place in it.  What is an eclipse? Why is Pluto no longer a planet? Why is a year on Mercury only 88 days?  We’ll uncover the answers to these and other space curiosities that have mystified humans for years.

Sample Day for Tadpoles and Chipmunks: A ‘Salamander Day’

9:00-9:15 Arrival and quiet games

9:20-9:40 All camp morning circle with announcements and songs

9:45-10:30 A forest exploration walk looking for salamanders

10:30-11:00 Snack and stories like The Salamander Room

11:00-11:30 Salamander craft made from recycled materials

11:30-12:00 An active  game like “Salamander Tails”

12:00     Pickup

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